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The Story 

"Every woman should own an anvil and a good set of hammers."   - Christine Ernst

Christine Ernst started her maker business in 2006, experimenting with old spoons and forks in her backyard workshop. Expanding into a larger studio during the pandemic, she added pendants and earrings to her signature line of bracelets. Inspired by the timeless beauty of antique silverware, by the unknowable history of old things, and by the transformative magic of powerful words, Christine hammers with the rage of a left-wing middle-aged woman, and she stamps and textures her work with the huge love and determination of a hopeful human.

Teaspoons and iced-tea spoon handles are shaped into bracelets with empowering messages. Soup spoons become mermaid fins and elegant cupped pendants. Fork tines become delicate glittering earrings. Each piece is powerful and unique. 

What word do you need to wear? What story do you need to tell? 

Christine is also a writer, teacher, and speaker, performing regularly as the Fat Ass Cancer Bitch. Read more at

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